POP-UP Greeting Card (HK Culture Series) - Rickshaw | 紙藝立體賀卡(香港文化系列) - 人力車


  • $48.00

Hong Kong's culture is very distinctive. POSTalk POP-UP Greeting Card is a paper sculpture art which illustrates a perfect combination of the beauty of traditional Chinese paper craftsmanship and Hong Kong local cultural elements.

Bringing our POSTalk POP-UP Greeting Card home is like sharing Hong Kong culture with your families.


In early 20th century, rickshaw is the major transportation mode in Hong Kong.  It is a two-wheeled passenger cart with its characteristic large wheels and folding canopy. Since it is operated by a human runner pulling from the front of cart, rickshaw is also known as the "human-powered vehicle" and "car earners".

香港文化非常富有特色,POSTalk 立體賀卡以傳統剪紙為基礎,融入香港文化元素,呈現出精緻獨特的紙雕藝術。




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