Pure Book Source 0.5 Gel Pen Set of 5 - Guofeng II-Taohuayuan | Pure 書源 0.5中性筆5支套裝 - 國風貳-桃花源


  • $25.00

Colored ink gel pens, retractable with clips, and with ink color matching the color of pen barrel, includes:

  • Guofeng II Grey
  • Guofeng II Green
  • Guofeng II Pink
  • Guofeng II Brown
  • Guofeng II Purple

Ergonomic soft-touched plastic ABS body for better grip, ideal for comfortable and good writing experience

Extra Fine 0.5mm writing point for writing on a page or notecard and perfect for sharper, more detailed drawings


  • 浣溪灰
  • 夢田綠
  • 新桃粉
  • 阡陌紫
  • 東篱棕


極幼0.5mm 筆尖,適合不同紙張及仔細繪圖用

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