Resonator Bells + Resonator Bells Score Package 鋼片琴及鋼片琴樂譜套裝

Healing Voices

  • $420.00

A set of 8 rainbow-coloured metal keys, plus two types of mallets, allowing children to play with parents or friends.  Suitcase design for you to carry it around easily.

Resonator Bells Score includes 16 children songs, e.g. The Wheels on the Bus and 滴滴答答, one of the Cantonese songs composed by music therapist Bettina.

  • From easiest to more difficult
  • 5 of them are attached with a QR code which connects to the YouTube music, children can follow and play with the music.

Resonator Music Score matches with the colour of the resonator bells, easy for children to follow.

Playing with resonator bells is fun and beneficial in:

🔴training hand-eye coordination

🟠fostering musical sense

🟡strengthening listening skills

🟢ability to differentiate colours

🔵training up physical coordination

🟣improving visual and hearing attention

⚪enhancing motor development

Suitable for children aged 3 or above. 

**Free local delivery offer is not applicable to this product.  HKD60 will be charged for local delivery**


鋼片琴及鋼片琴樂譜套裝包括8個個別彩虹顏色鋼片琴, 兩款鋼片琴棒,讓小朋友和家長或朋友一同玩。盒裝設計,方便攜帶


  • 16首兒歌難度循序漸進
  • 5首兒歌有YouTube音樂合奏示範及背景音樂讓小朋友跟著合奏,邊聽音樂邊敲鋼片琴,掃瞄 QR code即可播放音樂











 **本地免運費優惠並不適用於這產品。 本地運送,將收取HKD60。**


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