Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook: Core (Lined, Executive Size) | Rocketbook 雲端智慧可重用筆記簿: Core (行線, Executive Size )


  • $318.00

The Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook is one that was infinitely reusable, cloud-connected and built for future while still delivering authentic pen and paper experience.


  • Use any Pilot FriXion erasable pen to write on the Rocketbook pages made with synthetic space age materials that provide an extremely smooth writing experience. Your writing sticks to Core pages like regular paper.
  • Use the Rocketbook app to configure and link the symbols at the bottom of the page to popular cloud and email services e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, OneDrive, email, etc.
  • Scan your notes/pages and send to one or more of your configured shortcuts or share them to your friend/colleague destinations
  • Wipe the pages clean with water and the included microfiber towel


  • Smart Titles: just use “##” in front of and behind your handwritten title on your notebook, Smart Titles feature will turn this handwritten title to your scan’s file name.
  • The Rocketbook App: The Rocketbook App for iOS and Android beams your notes and big ideas to the cloud services you already use!  It also transcribes and digitally embeds your notes into your scans making your notes easily searchable within the app or in your preferred destination.
  • Handwriting Recognition OCR (Optical Character Recognition)*: allows you to transcribe and search your handwritten text. Together with The Rocketbook App, you can utilize the features of Smart Titles, Smart Search, and Transcription options. 

*language support: English only for the time being. 

Package include:

  • 1 x  Core Lined Notebook (Executive Size: 6 x 8.8", 36 pages)
  • 1 x Pilot FriXion Pen
  • 1 x Microfiber Towel

Rocketbook 雲端智慧可重用筆記簿是專為數碼時代打造的筆記簿。不單可無限重複使用,更可連接到不同的雲端服務;並給你傳統筆記簿的書寫感。


  • 以任何百樂牌 FriXion 擦擦隱形筆書寫在Rocketbook 的特殊合成聚脂纖維內頁上。書寫感覺自然流暢,內容也會像寫在普通紙一樣粘在頁面上。
  • 使用Rocketbook App 去將內頁下方的符號設置及連繫到常用的雲端及電郵服務,如 Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, OneDrive 等等
  • 用Rocketbook App掃描你的筆記或內頁,並上載至你之前設置了的雲端及電郵服務,或分享給你的朋友或同事
  • 只需用水和附送的超細纖維布擦去筆跡,便可重用筆記簿


  • 智能標題 : 只需在手寫標題前後加上兩個#標籤,掃描後這手寫標題就會成爲掃描檔案的名稱。例如: 掃描“## Rocketbook Team Meeting ##” 後,“ Rocketbook Team Meeting”就會成爲相關的檔案名稱)
  • Rocketbook 應用程式: iOS 和Android 版本的Rocketbook 應用程式可將你的筆記上載至你使用的雲端服務! 它也可將你的筆記轉錄至有關的掃描檔案,讓你在應用程式裏或儲存的位置上更容易搜尋到你的筆記
  • Rocketbook的手寫識別 OCR(光學字符識別)* 使您可以轉錄和搜索手寫文本。配合Rocketbook 應用程式,可使用智能標題,智能搜索等功能。

*手寫識別 OCR 僅限於英語


  • 1 x  Core 行線筆記簿(尺寸: 6 x 8.8", 18頁)
  • 1 x Pilot FriXion擦擦隱形筆筆
  • 1 x 超細纖維毛巾

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