"RUMA" Ruler + Bookmark 金屬書籤尺


  • $45.00

Winner of Germany’s iF Design Awards in 2019!

Ruma is both a ruler and a bookmark!!!

  • Smooth rounded corners avoid damaging your books or notebooks.
  • A handy clip to avoid slipping out and getting lost.
  • Made of aluminium, robust, lightweight and durable
  • Easy to read markings

Color:  Black, Silver, Gold


榮獲德國 iF Design Award 2019! 


  • 圓潤邊角,光滑不易損害書本和筆記簿
  • 尾部折彎設計,不易鬆脱或遺失
  • 鋁合金材質,輕盈耐用,不易磨損
  • 刻度清晰易閲讀

顏 色:黑色、銀色 、金色



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