Seeing Double Fine Felt Double Tip Markers - Set of 5 | 雙線雙色1mm針筆 (5支裝)


  • $88.00

Get your hands on a marker that’s twice as much fun as a regular marker. The Seeing Double Fine Double Tip Markers are a set of unique double sided markers featuring 2 coordinating colors on each side. Simply write or draw and you’ve created an unexpected special effect!

Each of the five felt-tip markers has two color-coordinated tips that are slightly offset so you get a cool 3D or optical illusion effect whenever you write with them. Lines on the side indicate the two colors so you can quickly identify and select the one you want. Use them for your drawing, designing, writing notes, lettering invitations and place cards, or decorating planners and journals. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

  • 5 Double tip markers
  • 1mm each tip with 2 color tips per marker
  • Fine felt tip
  • Great for planners and hand lettering
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up


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