SKY Premium Plastic Fountain Pen 高級塑料墨水筆


  • $69.00

KACO SKY Fountain Pen earns the Reddot design award in 2018 and China good design in 2016. Its German-made extra-fine nib writes smoothly with steady ink flow. Pen cap with clip are of the same color as the pen body, which is made of German Makrolon patented PC plastic. It's light but hard and wear-resistant, simplistic yet beautiful.

Its ergonomically designed matt hand grip also helps you to hold your pen in a correct posture.

Each pen comes with a German Schmidt ink converter. Its eco-friendly translucent case can also be used as a pencil case for your beloved stationery.

Entry level fountain pen in PP case, with stainless steel German-made pen nib and plastic ink converter.

Nib size:  EF

榮獲2018年Reddot 紅點設計獎及2016年中國好設計獎的KACO SKY系列墨水筆,其德國製纖細筆咀,墨控精準,書寫流暢。與筆桿同色系的筆蓋連筆夾,均為德國Makrolon專利PC膠製造,輕盈堅固耐磨,簡單的設計盡顯低調美態。


每支筆均配備德國Schmidt 原裝吸墨器,半透明磨砂面的ECHO筆盒方便你收納文具,實用又環保。

以 PP 筆盒收藏入門級墨水筆,配合德國製不銹鋼筆尖及塑膠吸墨器。


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