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T-ruler: cm, Inch, Point and Pica in 1 ruler

A regular straightedge lacks Point (~font size) and Pica, the typographic units used in printing. By using T-ruler you can conveniently translate the measurements you see on screen versus that you see on paper. By combining these 4 measurements into one ruler, T-ruler is the one tool that you need to design for both print and digital.

With its magnets, T-ruler can be placed firmly on any ferromagnetic material.

1 point is equal to 1/72 of an inch; 1 pica is equal to 1/6 of an inch

30° Slope
T-ruler is designed in triangular shape with a 30° slope standing on one face. The angled slope gives easier readings on the measurement and the user can get a better grip. The user experience is better than the typical, primary school ruler.

Mountain-like Hash Marks
The scaling hashes and millimeters are presented like mountains, making it easier to identify specific millimeter measurements than common hash marks.

Explicit Ratio on each ruler
The ratios/functions are labeled on the top of each T-ruler with comparatively larger fonts, you can easily switch to the functions where appropriate.

Built to Last
Owning to the special shape and made from aluminum, T-ruler is made to withstand stronger external force and not easily breakable while keeping it light in weight. The anodization allows T-ruler to be used for long term with an exceptional look and feel. It is cut with maximum precision for perfect measurement. 

T-ruler comes with its classic Matte Black anodizing with vivid white laser engraved hash marks. The sharp contrast is what makes this even more remarkable.

Perfect Size for Outdoor & Indoor
T-ruler is 18cm x 2cm x 0.56cm, slightly longer than a standard straightedge (15cm) but shorter than a scale ruler (30 cm). This specific length allows users to carry it conveniently while at the same time the hash marks are made much easier to be read.

Made from a solid block of 6061 aluminium, a high strength, durable, lightweight and good corrosion resistant metal.

Matte black anodizing with white laser engraved hash marks, both are able to prevent scratches from external forces.


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