Ball Pen (15cm)


  • $25.00

The first Truegrasses Pen in the world. It’s unique design as collaborated natural grass and recycled plastics. It inspired the eco-cultural products of Nature & Culture series. Natural grass is a wonderful gift from Mother earth and recycled plastic is civilization waste.

Truegrasses pen’s connotation of two absolute different categories, one from nature and one from culture, intending to express a meaningful but sophisticated issue - how to develop culture with nature in a sustainable and balanced relationship. 

With ECO+ART design concept, Truegrasses brings nature into culture as presents the visual of ECO Vision, gentle tactile impression and light grass incense. It denotes a new eco-concept blending nature and culture. Sustainability will be found in eternal nature.

  • Beige - black ink; others - blue ink
  • Material : Grasses / Straw + PP
  • Size : 15 cm
  • Item Weight : 9 g

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