Animal Design Ultrasoft Rug 動物造型超柔地墊


  • $128.00

Product Feature:
1) Soft touched mat cover offering ultimate comfort
2) Equipped with non-slip base, preventing sliding of mat during activities
3) Foldable design for easy storage

Cute animal designs for your selection:
- American Short Hair Cat (Size: 72cm x 66cm)

- Calico Cat (Size: 77cm x 67cm)
- Scottishfold Cat (Size: 71cm x 65cm)
- Shiba Dog (Size: 66cm x 65cm)
- Black Shiba Dog (Size: 65cm x 65cm)
- Hedgehog (Size: 81cm x 68cm)

1) 柔軟舒適面料
2) 底層增設防滑墊,有助於活動時固定地墊
3) 可隨時摺疊收藏,不佔空間

- 美國短毛貓 (Size: 72cm x 66cm)
- 三色貓 (Size: 77cm x 67cm)
- 蘇格蘭摺耳貓 (Size: 71cm x 65cm)
- 黑柴犬 (Size: 66cm x 65cm)
- 柴犬 (Size: 66cm x 65cm)
- 刺蝟 (Size: 81cm x 68cm)

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