Washi Masking Tape - The Peaceful Mocha Time of Haru and Furi 和紙膠帶 - Haru Furi 的友好摩卡時光 (2cm x 10m)

Haru and Furi

  • $35.00

To happy enemies like Haru and Furi, the most peaceful time is mocha time!

Will show some color of the bottom paper. Can be removed from the paper without a trace.

Size: W 2cm, total length 10m
Material: Taiwan Washi Paper
Hong Kong Design, Printed in Taiwan


The Story of "Haru and Furi" began in 2015.

The great differences between Haru the hare and Furi the fox causes conflicts in their daily life, but each time they are comforted by a cup of relaxing coffee. Through the heart warming animations and products of “Haru and Furi”, hope people can find peace by learning to Understand, be Considerate, and finally be Reconciled.





Haru and Furi 的故事始於2015年。

透過《Haru and Furi》的溫暖動畫及產品,希望人們找到平靜,帶出「理解、諒解、和解」的訊息。

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