"Whale Does It Belong" Notebook | 「鯨歸何處」筆記簿

Deville Colour

  • $50.00

Originally watercolour illustrated and designed by Deville Dewil from Deville Colour Studio.

Material: kraft paper cover + inside woodfree paper
Size: 142mm*206mm
76 blank pages

水彩插畫及設計由Deville Colour Studio 的Deville Dewil創作。

材質︰ 外頁牛皮紙+內頁道林紙

About Deville Colour 關於Deville Colour
Deville Colour is the watercolour illustrations & designs brand founded by the artist Deville Dewil. The watercolour artworks reflect the artist’s life with a realistic yet dreamy style as if illustrated Encyclopaedia records.

Deville.Colour Studio為藝術家Deville Dewil的水彩設計品牌,隨心隨意以畫紀念日常。

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