Wooden Collection Strap - Double Bass (with Strings) | 有弦原木吊飾 - 低音大提琴

Wooden Collection Strap - Double Bass (with Strings) | 有弦原木吊飾 - 低音大提琴

Musician Designer

  • $89.00

Music Wooden Collections Strap are handmade in great details.

Details from each instrument are selected carefully by Designer to make sure the wooden straps look identical to the actual instrument.
Strings are added on each strap according to the actual number of strings on the real instrument, the straps are handmade with multiple small parts, please handle with care.
Please clean the product with dry cloth, avoid humidity.


About Musician Designer

Musician Designer is a Gift Design and Production firm focusing on Music and Art Theme, run by Musicians.

The idea "From the Musicians' point of views'' is the key factor shared among all "Musician Designers" products and this is the most distinguishable difference to all other Music gifts in the world. When they are developing their products, they are looking for every detail of Musician's daily life, as well as the details of the instrument itself.  They also have a wide variety of their products, from most popular Piano, Violin to all the small toys in Percussion family, Bass Clarinet, Piccolo and Soprano Saxophone, etc. 


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