Grab'n'Go Europeran Series Food Bag 歐陸風情系列食物袋 (2.5L)


  • $138.00



「Grab'n'Go 環保食物袋」,能幫助你買外賣或自備食物時,代替膠製品,不論是固體或流質都可以盛載。

「Grab'n'Go 環保食物袋」使用回收塑膠物料作外層布。TPU薄膠的內層,沒有BPA,採用了heat seal技術,沒有縫線位,防水防漏,可直接接觸食物;而其耐熱達攝氏120度,亦可放置於洗衣機內清洗。



  • 底部直徑15 cm x 高28 cm; 收納後尺寸為17 x 15 cm
  • 重量:~65 - 75克
  • 容量大,可放數個麵包,容量約2.5公升  
  • 內層為TPU薄膠,BPA Free, 耐熱達攝氏120度,可直接接觸食物,更採用了heat seal技術,沒有縫線位,內層完全防水防漏,可放湯水或多汁食品,如冷麵,沙律等
  • 透過捲動設計可隨意調教食物袋的大小
  • 頂部為堅固膠扣手抽設計,可排在背囊手推車上,更易攜,不怕壓扁食物
  • 底部為圓形軟墊,具承托力
  • 街市買餸可放海鮮鮮肉,不怕漏汁,打包各式不同剩食
  • 可放小朋友餐具
  • 容易反出清洗內層,亦可放洗衣機洗 

    Now is the time to change our habit when buying takeaway food.

    As the disposable plastic packs of our takeaway food are contaminated, they are not recyclable and finally discarded to landfill or flushed to river or sea by rain. Ultimately, sea animals mistakenly take them as food and starved to death. This also affects the food chain with plastic pallets, endangering the safety of seafood.

    Roll'eat Grab'n'Go Food Bag is a convenient replacement to those plastic packages when you buy your takeaway or pack your own food, no matter it is solid or fluid food.

    The outer layer is made of recycled plastic materials. Inner layer is made of TPU with no BPA, utilising the heat seal technique, seamless, water-proof, leak-proof, food-grade; heat tolerance up to 120°C and is machine washable.

    Bag size is eaily adjustable, thanks to its roll-up design. Convenient buckled handle. Circular padded bottom to hold food up to 2.5kg without crushing it.

    For our planet's sustainability and development, starting using this reusable Grab'n'Go bag now and say 'no' to disposable waste.

    • base diameter 15cm x 28m height; 17x15cam after folding
    • weight: ~ 65-75g
    • big capacity of around 2.5L, can carry a few buns
    • Inner layer is made of foodgrade TPU; BPA free, heat tolerance up to 120°C, deploy heat seal technique to make the layer seamless, water-proof and leak-proof for holding soup or food with much sauces like Soba, salads, etc. 
    • roll-up design to adjust bag size
    • Convenient buckled handle for you to carry it anywhere at ease or hanging onto cart without crushing the food
    • Circular padded bottom to provide support to the bag
    • Good for carrying fresh seafood and meat without leaking; and leftovers after meals
    • Carry cutley for chidlren
    • Can turn inner layer inside out for easy washing.  Machine-washable too.

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