Upcycled Mixed Fabric Laptop Bag 循環再造拼布電腦袋


  • $148.00


主要材料:麵粉袋(棉 / 滌淪)
尺寸:38 x 30 cm
肩帶總長度:48 cm
外 袋 尺 寸:29 x 20 cm


Transformed from a flour bag, this laptop bag is suitable for use in times of leisure and travelling. The size is suitable for tablet computers and documents. The outer bag comes with a cloth button. Its unique style and zipper design are also good for better protection.

(As there are various brands of flour bags, printings on laptop bag may differ)

Main material: flour bag (cotton/polyester)

Size: 38 x 30 cm
Total length of shoulder strap: 48 cm
Outer bag size: 29 x 20 cm

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