Agnes Chan (A New Beginning) Original (1) (LSP 9070)

Mayar Music Company

  • $99.00

Agnes Chan began singing and playing guitar when she was in her junior school in Hong Kong. Her first Japanese pop hit was released in Japan in the year of 1972. Her first Cantonese album was also released in Hong Kong in 1979. She became popular later throughout Asia. In addition to be a pop singer, she is also a "foreign television personality" (gaijin tarento) in Japan, a Doctor of Philosophy, a professor at Japanese universities, an essayist and a novelist.

This English album was released in 1973, with two central forming posters in 4 inner pages inside the sleeves.

Label: The Life Records Ltd. - LSP 9070

Side A

  • Top Of The World
  • Circle
  • Frank Mills
  • Love Minus Zero, No Limit
  • Mother of Mine
  • Original I (A New Beginning)

Side B

  • You Are 21, I Am 16
  • Everyone's Gone To The Moon
  • When There's No Love Left
  • Can That Girl Be Me
  • Never Ending Song Of Love
  • Me And You And A Dog Named Boo

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