Balloon Wallmount Dock 壁掛式充電器


  • $158.00

Balloon Wallmount Dock is both a wallmount dock and hook.

It fits and supports all Apple devices with lightning connector, ipad mini, ipad, iPhone 6S/6S plus, 7/7 plus, 8/8 plus, X and SE. It let your iPhone sits on your wall to save space and enhance the convenience of usage. With a minimum and cute look, Balloon Wallmount Dock showcase the beautiful design of your Apple Lightning devices, offering maximum versatility when recharging and using your device. It is not only a docking but also a hook. The maximum weight load is 1 kg with sticker provided. Can also be screwed onto the wall.  It's both user-friendly while decorating your home as a part of your home furniture.

Including: 2meter lightning cable, 2 pcs of screw and 3M sticker.

Product size: 7.6 x 9 x 4cm

Weight: 160g

Balloon Wallmount Dock適合所有iPhone lightning連接器,ipad mini,ipad,iPhone 6S / 6S plus,7/7 plus,8/8 plus,X和SE的Apple設備。 它讓你的iPhone坐在你的牆上,節省空間,提高使用的方便性。 以最低限度和可愛的外觀。 Balloon Wallmount Dock展示了您的AppleiPhone lightning連接器設備, 美麗設計為充電和使用您的設備提供了最大的多功能性。 這不僅是一個對接,也是一個鉤子。 最大重量是1kg。您可用提供的貼紙或螺絲將其安裝在牆上,極之方便之餘,更可裝飾你的家,成為你家具的一部分。

盒內包括2米長Lightning 線, 2坆螺絲及3M貼紙

產品尺寸: 7.6 x 9 x 4厘米

重量: 160克

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