cow - mini envelope (set of 6) 牛牛 - 燙金迷利封/利是封 (3色 - 6個套裝)

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  • $45.00

It's not just an ink-friendly mini envelope, it is also a red packet. The folding design turns it into a letter paper with cute pattern - "cow" working out. You might find a baby mouse in the pattern ˙꒳​˙ Wishing you good health and happiness!⁠

You can use it as red packet or general use of envelopes and writing inside! Paper carefully selected for ball pen or fountain pen. 

2 closing methods: (1) front lock or (2) fold inside

 - 9.5cm x 9.5cm (folded)
- hot foil | 3 colors | 2 pcs for each colors
- 3 colors - Lavender, Violet and Stone grey

以圓形摺成方形的信封設計,除了是利是封亦是迷你封;仲可以打開後寫上心意變成信紙 (特別選紙適合圓珠筆及萬年筆書寫)。

信封有兩個收封方法 - (1)前扣上半圓 / (2)內套入紙內。

今年圖案以「牛」睡醒後鍛鍊身體為主題,圖案裡面細心睇會發現bb鼠^^ 祝福大家新一年身體健康!⁠

- 尺寸: 9.5厘米 X 9.5厘米 (已摺)

- 燙金印刷 | 3種顏色 | 每色2個

- 3種顏色: 薰衣草, 紫色, 石灰色 

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