DECO GEL 1.0 - MILKY WAY (individual colors)


  • $18.00

The Deco Gel 1.0 MilkyWay series features 10 gel pens of lightfast pastel inks with intense color and fluorescent effects. They work perfectly on light and dark paper surfaces as well as on papers covered with watercolor paints, water-based markers (such as Brushmarker PRO markers) and many other surfaces such as glass, foil, metal or stone covered with acrylic paints and markers containing acrylic paints (such as Pigment Decobrush markers). This variety of surfaces provides unlimited creative possibilities. A popular choice for artists and paper crafters.

DECO GEL 1.0 pens feature high-quality tips that allow for the creation of smooth, dynamic lines of varying thickness depending on the pressure and speed of drawing. The ergonomic, sleek design and rubber grip provide comfort, while the transparent body reveals the color of the gel ink. The tight cap protects the ink from drying, reducing the formation of drying gel layers on the pen tip.

Deco Gel 1.0 nib features :

  • Easy gel outflow is smooth and consistent.
  • The thickness of lines changes with pressure and writing speed.
  • Improved writing fluidity compared to standard nibs.

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