Epoca P Mechanical Pencil


  • $90.00

經典之作 - 瑞典 Ballograf Epoca P 鉛芯筆 

源於60年代初期的 Epoca P 系列,在瑞典和世界各地都很有名,是 BALLOGRAF 的重點產品。

這支設計簡約的 0.5mm 鉛芯筆,配合特別的筆芯制動系統,達致由書寫到繪圖皆有出色效果。筆身顏色都很亮麗,與別不同,值得收藏!

The Epoca P roots in the early 60’s. It is not only well-known in Sweden but also abroad and it is an important Ballograf product.

This slim and simple 0.5 mm leads mechanical pencil is made with a special fixed lead mechanism, which makes it for utmost precise writing and sketching with perfect results. Different body colours available for your collection.


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