Icicle Straw - Portable Spit-able Straw (2 pcs/set) 便攜推拆式飲管 (2支裝)

Icicle Straw

  • $128.00

Awarded "Asia Design Prize Winner 2018" and "Golden Pin Design Award 2019"
Icicle straw is designed to solve the hygienic problem of traditional reusable straws.  It has a revolutionary design that can slide-apart for easy cleaning with complete internal access, you can toss it into the dishwasher or wash it by hand, no extra cleaning tool is required. After cleaning, just simply snap the parts together to sip and enjoy beverages!
【Design Features】
  • Easy to clean and dry
    Icicle straw comes apart easily for thorough cleaning and drying. This is such a huge benefit because you can ensure the straw is free of mould, bacteria and residue.

  • Easy to assemble
    Just simply snap the parts together to enjoy beverages.

  • Food Grade Material
    Icicle straw is made of Tritan which is 100% recyclable and BPA-free.

  • Dishwasher safe
    Not just designed for household use, but also ideal for café, bar and restaurant use.

  • Fun to play with
    Icicle straw comes in 4 colours at the moment: icicle white, sakura pink, ocean blue and water clear. The different colour halves are interchangeable when the straws come apart, creating a multi-colour icicle straw.

  • Durable
    Icicle straw can last for many years of continued daily use!
  • 2 straws/ pack
  • Weight: 14 g
  • Dimensions (Not applicable to bubble tea)
    • Length: 23 cm
    • Tube opening: 9mm x 5mm
  • Materials: BPA & BPS free Tritan (PCTG)
【Cleaning & Care】
  • Do not bend the straw.
  • Do not microwave.
  • For best results, clean the straw right after use.
  • Dishwasher safe (Top rack only).
  • Excellent temperature 10~100°C


榮獲「2018亞洲設計獎」及 「2019金點設計獎
Icicle straw顛覆了一般傳統環保吸管的結構。


  • 易於清潔和風乾 
    Iciclestraw 容易分拆,徹底清潔和風乾;

  • 易於組裝

  • 食品級材料
    Icicle straw由Tritan製成,100%可回收,不含BPA

  • 洗碗機可用
    不僅適合家庭使用,也適合咖啡館,酒吧和餐廳使用 (僅限放置上格) 

  • 玩味十足

  • 耐用

  • 1盒2支飲管
  • 重量:14克
  • 尺寸 (不適用於珍珠奶茶)
    • 長度:23 cm
    • 飲管頂部口徑:7mm x 10mm
    • 飲管底部口徑:5mm x 9mm
  • 材料:Tritan (PCTG) - 不含BPA及BPS

  • 切勿屈曲飲管
  • 不適用於微波爐加熱
  • 每次用完後,建議馬上清洗以保持飲管潔淨
  • 可手洗或洗碗機清洗(只適用於上層)
  • 適用於10~100°C

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