MeTime Brush Lettering Copy Sheets | MeTime 花體字體練習紙


  • $58.00

Enjoy your personal time with brush lettering~

Indulge yourself in this 30-page brush lettering exercise. This set includes practices from alphabets to seasonal greetings. You'll surprise your friends and family with your beautiful brush lettering on greeting cards and even just on a little memo note~ 

Paper: 100gsm

Recommended with Karin Brushmarker Pro

這套裝包含了30頁不同設計的花體字練習,從字母到常用賀詞,治癒之餘,又能練出一手好字體,寫賀卡、小memo 時能給朋友家人一個小驚喜~

推薦與 Karin Markers 的 Brushmarker Pro 一起使用

紙質: 100gsm

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