Phi Ruler 美學黃金比例繪圖尺


  • $320.00

Phi Ruler is a multi-functional ruler designed to make sketching handy and user-friendly for designers.  With golden ratio grid lines, you can easily draw any linear lines, shapes and forms for every aspects on design, not limited to sketching on printed design, typography design, product and logo design, architecture and interior design, etc. An ultimate design tool for anyone and easily fit in your pocket.

Height: 61mm | Width: 95mm


1. Color: Black; Material: Copper 

2. Color: Silver; Material: Staineless Steel

3. Color: Gold; Material: Stainless Steel 

Optional handcrafted leather holder with 2 card slots for the phi ruler and cash or credit card.

Height: 68mm | Width: 105mm

Color:  Black or Brown


美學黃金比例繪圖尺 Phi Ruler,既是一般直尺同時也是量角器,讓你輕鬆畫出完美圓形、任何曲線和直線。Phi Ruler 只有手掌大小且非常輕巧方便攜帶,可以隨時隨地享受繪畫的樂趣。Phi Ruler 材質方面使用雷射蝕刻,極之耐用,好用之餘亦不易折損,是設計師必備既小工具!Phi Ruler於2021年獲得台灣金點設計獎。

- 完美畫出黃金比例的繪圖尺
- 設計師必備實用多功能尺規
- 輕鬆畫出完美圓形、任何曲線和直線
- 一尺兩用,既可當一般直尺使用也是量角器
- 僅有口袋大小,攜帶輕巧方便
- 使用雷射蝕刻耐用材質,經久好用不易折損

版本: 黑色銅製 / 金色鋼製 / 銀色鋼製
尺寸: 高度 61mm x 寬度 95mm

手工製皮套: 可選黑色或啡色, 意大利皮革, 全人手製

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