RulerDock iPhone Charger - Silicon 雙向充電器-矽


  • $138.00

RulerDock is a 2-directions dock. It fits and supports all Apple devices with lightning connector, iPhone 6,7,8, X, 11, 12 etc. It let your iPhone sit horizontally and vertically on your desk with a simple, minimum and stylish look. With its unique and minimal form, RulerDock showcase the beautiful design of your Apple Lightning devices, offering maximum versatility when recharging and using your device.

Why, you might ask, do I need a ruler in the docking? We can't say for sure, but it sure does come in handy when it comes to measurement. At least you'll know that this is a part of your deskware and stationary, the ruler length is 15cm and 6 inch.


  • Fit for all iPhone model using Lightning connector
  • 2 ways docking: Horizontal and Vertical position
  • A part of your deskware and stationery
  • the ruler is 15 cm and around 6 inch length
  • 1-meter Lightning cable is included
  • Material: Silicon

RulerDock是一個雙向的充電器。 它合適所有使用Lightning 連接線的蘋果 iPhone產品。 它讓您的iPhone以簡單和時尚的外觀, 適合於水平和垂直放置在桌面上。 RulerDock以其獨特而極簡的形式,展示了您的Apple Lightning 設備的美麗設計,為充電和使用設備提供了最大的多功能性。 以時尚的材料組合為特色,充電器可以合適您的家庭裝飾。

間尺長度為15cm 或大約6吋

包1條 1m 長 Lightning 線。


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