Stanley, Hong Kong

Stanley, Hong Kong

ditto ditto

  • $50.00

7:00pm at Stanley. 
Dusk has filled Stanley with a layer of dreamy mist. The restaurants have put on their lights while the streets liven up; with the waves orchestrating a masterpiece, as if I’m trapping in a distant paradise.

- A2 size (10.8cm x 13.9cm)
- Letterpress Printed on 100% Cotton Paper


ditto ditto symbolizes the repetition that is present in our daily lives. It also represents the miracles that we find in our everyday routines, and reminds us to share these little discoveries and ordinary miracles with you.

Every single card and design is printed by hand, and completely unique. ditto ditto believe that their handprinted works are the best way to express love and affection for the people you care about.

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